Best Kirkland Products to Buy at Costco

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Best Kirkland Products to Buy at Costco

Many of the warehouse club's store-branded items get high marks for quality and value.

Costco has turned upside-down the idea that store brands are inferior to national brands. Based on quality and value, many of the warehouse club’s Kirkland Signature products are as good as or better than similar items from big-name manufacturers.

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Here are a few of our favorites from Costco:

Kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil rose to the top in a study by the University of California, Davis. It was one of only a few imported oils tested to meet international and U.S. standards for extra virgin olive oils.

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Costco-brand booze is receiving high marks for quality and value in states where the retailer is allowed to sell liquor. Kirkland Signature vodka and tequila, in particular, are both good values for the money.

It’s not just food and drink. Costco’s new Kirkland golf balls are being compared to the highly regarded Titleist Pro V1. Yet, a Costco-branded golf ball can sell for 60% less than a Titleist.

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