3 Best Costco Kirkland Products for the Holidays

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3 Best Costco Kirkland Products for the Holidays

'Tis the season for the warehouse club's affordable Kirkland Signature batteries, wines and Belgian chocolates.

Members of the warehouse club rave about the quality and value of items sold under Costco's Kirkland Signature brand. The private-label products range from clothing and luggage to groceries and even gasoline. Several Kirkland items are especially useful during the holidays. Here are three to add to your Costco shopping list.

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Today's high-tech toys and gadgets require a lot of power. Don't get caught short-handed this holiday season when it comes time to open gifts. You can't beat the price of Kirkland Signature batteries when you buy in bulk, and the quality is nearly as good as name-brand batteries.

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Belgian Chocolates

Nothing says holiday indulgence like a box of gourmet chocolates, and Costco has your sweet tooth covered. The warehouse club sells 4-packs of Kirkland Signature Belgian chocolates (46 chocolates per pack). Keep a box for yourself and give the other three as gifts.


Entertaining for the holidays? If your local Costco carries wine, stock up on a case of Kirkland Signature's finest vintages. The private-label wines are bottled for Costco by well-regarded wineries across the globe. Kirkland beer and Kirkland liquor also earn high marks for price and quality.

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