11 Financial Tasks Made Easy

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11 Financial Tasks Made Easy

The first segment of our financial toolkit tackles those annoying but essential tasks for the home, college savings, taxes and life management.

Where does one go to resolve consumer complaints, replace a lost Social Security card or review coverage on a home insurance policy? We made a list of these essential financial tasks that never seem to get done and then figured out the easiest way to accomplish them.

Below, you'll find everything you need to complete each financial task in five steps or less.

Boost Your Paycheck

Here's the fastest way to put a little more money in your pocket, all year long. See how easy it is to adjust your tax withholding.

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Track Your Spending

Ever wonder your money goes? This site not only tracks your spending but can identify your budget bloat.


Complain and Get Results

Find out what to do if a customer service representative cannot solve your problem.

Stop Junk Mail Forever

Junk mail is not just a nuisance that creates volumes of trash, it can also jeopardize your identity. Here are several ways to stop the madness.

Land a College Scholarship

These guidelines for a targeted scholarship search can save you time -- and improve the odds to receive a financial award.

Replace a Social Security Card

Whether you've misplaced your Social Security card or lost it, the good news is that replacing your card is easier than you think.


Hire a Reliable Contractor

Whether you're home renovation project requires a substantial investment or cosmetic updates, follow these steps to make sure your walls are in competent hands.

Protect Your Home and Valuables

It is absolutely essential to safeguard your home with adequate insurance coverage. Here's how to review your policy.

Write a Will Without the Hassle

Every adult needs a will. Here are guidelines to get you started, now.

Start a 529 Plan

Starting a college savings plan is one of the most important financial goals for parents (after securing retirement savings). Are you ready to get started in five simple moves?


Lock in a Cheap Mortgage

Home loan rates have dropped, find out how to take advantage of refinancing opportunities.

Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Preparing for a natural disaster is not the work of pessimists. a growing number of hurricane, tornado and wildfire survivors concur: Just do it.