Obama Fires Up the Troops -- Already

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Obama Fires Up the Troops -- Already

I wrote a little last week about how one of the multiple ways President-elect Obama would try to change the dynamics in Washington would be by going outside of the city to build political support with the public and state lawmakers to gain leverage over an often slow-moving and dysfunctional Congress. But I didn't expect him to start so far in advance of  moving into the White House.


The Washington Post reported today about how Obama's pick for secretary of Health and Human Services , former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, is already spearheading an effort to get people thinking about and embracing health care reform by marrying traditional lobbying with with high-tech communications techniques such as social netoworking, blogs, e-mailed videos and electronic town meetings.

The Obama camp developed an e-mail list of millions of supporters during the campaign, and Daschle is contacting those who expressed a special interest in health care issues. That it is the first of what you can bet will be many efforts to harness the political power of Obama's supporters should erase any remaining doubts people might have about how serious Obama is about pursuing health care reform even in the teeth of a deep and scary recession and massive government spending.

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