Share Your Spending Habits

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Share Your Spending Habits

A new site lets you post your credit card purchases for others to see what you're buying.

If you like sharing your personal information with friends, family and strangers on social media outlets, you can take it a step further now. The recently launched site Blippy lets you broadcast what you buy to the online world.

You enter your credit card information and Blippy tracks and publishes purchases you make with that card. The site, which looks a lot like Twitter, shows the amount you spend and where. It does not publish your credit card number or other personal information.

The question is why anyone would want to do this. In an interview with CNN, Blippy co-founder Philip Kaplan said the site gives consumers the benefit of knowing how much other people paid for stuff.

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Okay, maybe there is some benefit to that. And there might be some value for people who have put themselves on a credit-card diet. They might have a greater incentive not to use their cards if they know family and friends are monitoring their purchases on Blippy.

Let us know what you think in the reader comment box below. As for me, I'll take a pass on this site.