Cost-Cutting Tips From Around the Web

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Cost-Cutting Tips From Around the Web

Advice from personal finance bloggers on easy ways to spend less so you can save more.

I'll be joining some of my favorite personal finance bloggers and other experts this afternoon to offer advice on how to plan and set financial goals during an Experian #CreditChat. Here's how you can join the chat at 3 p.m. ET to hear our tips. If you have a goal of spending less so you can save more, I've rounded up several tips to help you cut costs. All of the suggestions below are easy to implement.

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10 Easy Money Moves I Made to Slash My Spending in Half [MoneyNing]
"If you’re living from check to check, a few minor adjustments to your habits can help you cut costs and start working towards financial freedom."

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5 Easy Ways to Save More Money [Mint Life]
"Most of us know the importance of saving for financial goals, but go about saving all wrong—and therefore make it much more painful than it needs to be."

Things I No Longer Buy [Surviving and Thriving]
"What surprises me isn’t that I’m spending less. It’s that I don’t miss any of those things very much."

Feeling Spendy? Do One of These 10 Things Instead [ReadyForZero]
"When you’re focused on paying off your debt or reaching a financial goal, any method of motivation can mean the difference between frustration and success."