Marriage and Money, 101


Marriage and Money, 101

Less financial friction equals more wedded bliss.

Even the most affectionate couples can fall into to disagreements over money. All too often, finances become one of the biggest sources of conflict in a marriage. Fortunately, smart planning and upfront discussion can help you avoid financial friction and frustrating arguments down the road.

We've assembled Kiplinger's best money advice to help you start off on the right foot, whether you're considering a walk down the aisle or have just celebrated your big day. You'll learn how to merge and manage your finances once you say "I do" to make your path to happily ever after a little easier. So grab your honey and make a date to go over our tips together. After all, what could be more romantic than committing to make the most of your future together?

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Six Things to Know About Your Spouse's Finances
Make sure you and your husband or wife know about each other's accounts and important documents.

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