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Recently J. Money at the Budgets Are Sexy blog wrote about the costs associated with having his first child. One big expense he highlighted was child care. The hefty price tag had him debating whether to arrange his work schedule so that he could watch his son during the day and avoid paying for daycare.

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With three kids of my own, I'm well aware of the high cost of child care. I breathed a sigh of relief once both of my daughters were in public school and I no longer had to pay for care. But now that I have an infant son, child care is an issue again. In some places, the average cost of care is actually higher than the average cost of college tution. Chris Couch at Bargaineering cites a study by Child Care Aware America in his post 5 States Where Childcare Costs More Than College. Included in his post are some good tips on ways to keep the cost of child care under control. Check them out if you have children. And read on for more advice related to kids and money.

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