How to Stash More Cash in Your Emergency Fund

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How to Stash More Cash in Your Emergency Fund

A new poll finds that a quarter of Americans don't have any money saved to pay for expenses if they fall on hard times.

Before I jump into today's topic, I want to thank the personal finance bloggers who contributed to Kip Tips while I was out on vacation. I hoped you enjoyed their advice.

I returned from my trip to find my inbox full of e-mails. Among all the press releases and pitches for new products or Web sites, one e-mail from stood out. It said that according to a new poll, one in four Americans has NO emergency savings.

Another 22% said their savings would only cover three months' worth of expenses, although most financial planners now say you need an emergency fund to cover at least six months' of expenses.

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Disturbing as the Financial Security Index poll results may be, they don't surprise me given that the economy still is weak and the unemployment rate is about 9%.


I'd like to know how many of you have an emergency fund. Would you be able to cover a month's, three months', six months' of expenses or more? If you do have an emergency fund, how have you managed to stash cash in it in this economy? Share your tips in the reader comments box below.

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