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Family Finances Advice From Around the Web

Tips from personal finance bloggers about talking to kids about money and improving your family's finances.

We often talk about money in our house because, after all, I write about it for a living and my husband is an economics professor. So my kids get an earful about spending less and saving more. I was happy to discover that my kids aren't the only ones getting money lessons at home. when I spoke to my fourth grader's Girl Scout (Brownie) troop this week about making smart money decisions, I was impressed with how many of them already knew a lot about the topic because their parents had made the effort to teach them.

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Talking to children about money matters isn't easy for many parents, though. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Editor Janet Bodnar does a great job of advising parents how to tackle this difficult task in her Money Smart Kids column. I encourage you to read it, and I've rounded up tips from personal finance bloggers about kids and money -- as well as advice on managing your family's finances.

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How to Talk With Your Kids About Money Issues [Christian Personal Finance]
"When you’re a kid, money is something that just appears in your dad’s wallet and checks are used to buy things that you don’t have money for!"

Kids and Allowance: Don’t Let Your Kids ‘Rob’ You "What approach should you use? There is no one right answer. It’s just what works for you and your child(ren)."

Why I'm Making My Daughter Pay for Her Dental Braces "I refuse to reward irresponsible behavior -- especially after repeated warnings -- and if I picked up the tab for Nina’s braces the second time around, that is exactly what I’d be doing."

Can You Grow Your Family on a Shrinking Income? [Get Rich Slowly]
"While we didn’t anticipate everything and we underestimated some expenses, I know that our planning paid off. During our planning period, we were able to save up a decent savings cushion and prepare as much as possible."


How to Make the Shift From Two Incomes to One [Money Saving Mom]
"Think realistically about what sacrifices and lifestyle changes will need to be made in order to make living on one income a possibility."

How Steve Chou’s Wife Replaced Her $100k Income With an Online Store [Good Financial Cents]
"What makes their story special is that his wife was able to develop a web based business from home that has replaced her former salary and currently brings in a six-figure income."