Advice on Family Finances From Around the Web

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Advice on Family Finances From Around the Web

Tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on managing your family's finances and teaching kids about money.

My children sometimes question why I won't buy them everything they want. "You can afford it, so why don't you buy it for us?" they ask. I explain to them that just because I have enough money to pay for something doesn't mean it's the best use of my money. I tell them about trade-offs -- that if I buy them every toy or treat they want, our family will have less money for other things, such as vacations (which they love) or clothing (which they need).

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In You Can Afford It. But Should You Spend It? on, Jennifer Derrick writes, "Even if you’re financially comfortable, you should never stop questioning the best uses of your money. You should always be evaluating the trade-offs you’ll be making for any purchase." This is especially important when you have a family and your financial decisions affect others. For more advice on family finances and tips on teaching kids about money, here's what personal finance bloggers are writing:

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