Financial Advice for Families From Around the Web

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Financial Advice for Families From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on how families can save money

Are you spending too much time and money on your kids' extracurricular activities -- and wearing yourself and them out in the process? Get Rich Slowly staff writer Sarah Gilbert makes the case in a recent post for minimalist parenting. She writes that parents need to prioritize activities, experiences and objects that matter most so that they're not overwhelmed and overspending. Sarah, who was a college classmate of mine and creator of cafemama blog, actually speaks from experience because she is the mother of three boys. Read her post, Minimalist Parenting: The Frugal Choice, and see if you agree that this approach helps save money -- and a family's sanity. Personally, my husband and I made the decision to eliminate some activities from our children's busy schedules, and we all agree that it was a wise choice.

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For more financial advice for families, here's a roundup of what other personal finance bloggers are writing:

The Cost of Children [The Simple Dollar] "All of the rewards of parenthood do not take away from the fact that children cost you in many different avenues of life, and these costs, though individually small, add up to a tremendous cost over the years of their childhood."


Women & Money: Do More Women Want to Stay Home Now?
"Even though more than 10% of stay-at-homes regret deciding to give up their careers, it appears that a larger percentage of women wish they could stay home."

How to Make a Family Budget With Your Kids [Money Crashers]
"By making saving a family affair, you can teach your kids about money while also making your efforts more effective."

Frugal Alternatives to Public School [Money Ning]
"No matter what your specific gripe about public education is, you can find a solution for your family that fits into your budget."

Free Educational Science Videos Save on Tutors [Bargain Babe]
"For homeschoolers or parents who want to avoid hiring expensive tutors, online videos are an incredible FREE resource."

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Get a Job [Christian Personal Finance]
"There may be fewer jobs out there, but I believe that those prepared for the hunt will come out on top."

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