Advice on Spending Less From Around the Web

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Advice on Spending Less From Around the Web

A look at strategies from personal finance bloggers to help you save more money.

Spending less is a good thing -- especially if you put the money you save to good use, such as paying down debt or boosting your retirement account. But for some, saving money is such an obsession that they take it too far. For example, Jacqueline Curtis writes on the Money Crashers blog that the people featured in TLC's reality show "Extreme Cheapskates" sometimes use potentially dangerous methods to save a few bucks. Read her post to find out which extreme cheapskate tactics are savvy and which are downright risky. Then check out the safe and smart money-saving advice below.

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10 Money-Saving Tips to Get the Most From Coupons [Len Penzo dot Com]
"Not using coupons or using them inefficiently can cost you a lot of money over the course of time, so here are ten hints and tips that can enable you to use them as effectively as possible."

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4 Dumb Ways You Are Wasting Money Online [Wise Bread]
"Even the most frugal of individuals may find himself losing money in dumb ways online."

Seven Tactics to Avoid Wasting Food [The Simple Dollar]
"Food that you toss instead of eating directly results in money falling out of your wallet because almost all of the food you order or bring into your home has a cost."


18 Ways to Save (at Least) $1 a Day [Savvy Sugar]
"As anyone who ever had a piggy bank knows, small, everyday actions can help you save big."

5 Frugal Tips for Perpetually Lazy People [Financial Highway]
"Here are five ways to save money and time that barely require lifting a finger."