50 Ways to Keep More Cash

Saving Money

50 Ways to Keep More Cash

Our super savers share their secrets for cutting costs and pocketing more dough.

When we asked Kiplinger's readers to share their best money-saving ideas, we were swamped with thousands of responses. Now you get to profit from all that knowledge. Read how real people shave their expenses, shop for bargains, squeeze extra cash out of their paychecks and boost the return on their savings. Plus, we chip in some strategies of our own. With the money you'll save from these ideas, you'll have plenty to spend on the things that really matter.

Budgeting and Saving
Watch your money grow with high-rate CDs, low-cost funds and turning spare change into big savings.

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Enjoy tax-free income with a Roth IRA, live on less after you retire and move to paradise without breaking the bank.

Keep tuition costs under control by saving early, taking advantage of tax credits and deductions, and finding dorm alternatives.


Travel and Cars
Visit Europe for less, benefit from credit-card bonuses, and save with Web-site bargains and off-lease vehicles.

Save thousands by shopping online for bargains, taking advantage of rebates and searching for the best deal.

SLIDE SHOW: Shave Expenses, Boost Savings
Here are eight bonus ideas from our readers that aren't in the magazine.