What $1,000 STILL Can Do

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What $1,000 STILL Can Do

37 fresh ways to invest in yourself.

This year, Kiplinger's annual feature offers new ideas to invest a grand in stocks, funds, your home and yourself. Every year for a decade, Kiplinger's Person Finance has offered readers worthwhile and rewarding ideas. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR 2008 LIST

You'll find a mix of ideas, from practical to indulgent, which we've parsed into three categories: Search among Investing, Your Money and Living ideas.

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If you have your own ideas to offer, submit your BEST idea for spending $1,000 by October 31, 2008, for a chance to win Kiplnger's $1,000 Giveaway. Click Contest for more details.

Ready to spend that grand? Click here to see the slide show: WHAT $1,000 CAN DO

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