Saving Money on Food Advice From Around the Web

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Saving Money on Food Advice From Around the Web

Here are tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on how to cut grocery costs and more.

Food prices have been on the rise this year, so consumers are shelling out more for groceries (see our slide show). But if you don't have room in your budget to pay more on your trips to the supermarket, you might be looking for ways to cut costs. Here are several tips from around the Web on how to save money on food, including suggestions on ways to prepare what you have so that it doesn't go to waste.

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How to Save Money on Food With These 5 Tips [Generation X Finance]
"You can eat cheap healthy food without breaking the bank."

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Fooling My Family Into Saving Money On Groceries [Yes, I Am Cheap]
"What’s a girl to do when food prices are rising, you have to feed your family and you’re trying to live on a tiny budget? You get sneaky-sneaky in your efforts to save money and I’m sharing those tips with you."

Is Breakfast Keeping You Broke? [Christian Personal Finance]
"The average savings is between $500-$600 a year if a family of four would give up one fast food breakfast a week."


Want to Lower your Food Costs? Become a Vegetarian [20Somethingfinance]
"The cost of a vegetarian diet is typically about $1,000 – $1,500 cheaper per person per year."

8 Ways to Eat Your Vegetables and Actually Enjoy Them [Money Crashers]
"There are ways to prepare veggies that make them not only enjoyable, but in some cases downright delicious."