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Saving Advice From Around the Web

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

Next week, February 25 through March 2, is America Saves Week, an annual national campaign to promote good savings behavior. Thousands of organizations usually participate to encourage people to save more and build wealth. To get a jump-start on the week and get you to start thinking about your savings habits, I rounded up tips from personal finance bloggers on this topic.

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Savings vs. Investments -- Do You Know the Difference? [MoneyCrush]
"The differences between savings and investing means that it’s important to know your objectives for the money, your real level of risk tolerance, and how much time you expect to have before you’ll need the money."

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10 Reasons Everyone Needs an Emergency Fund []
"A lot of people depend on assets or investments to cover them in the case of an emergency, but assets and investments are not always guaranteed or readily available."


8 Excuses You Can’t Use to Avoid Saving for Retirement []
"Whatever amount you set aside today, will accumulate for when that distant tomorrow known as 'retirement' arrives."

The Most Powerful Ways to Secure Your Retirement [Get Rich Slowly]
"The good news is that a few tweaks here and there can have a large collective impact -- and the sooner you begin tweaking, the better."

Choosing a Retirement Account: What's Available, and What’s Best for You? [Wise Bread]
"The best place to put your retirement dollars may vary from year to year and change as your retirement portfolio and other assets grow. By understanding the features of various retirement accounts, you can decide what works for you."

The Five (And Only Five) Times it Might be OK to Tap a Retirement Account [Money Under 30]
"It might seem like taking money from your retirement account is an easy, even attractive, thing to do -- after all it’s your money, right? But there are many pitfalls and adverse consequences for the unwary."

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