Financial Lessons From Around the Web

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Financial Lessons From Around the Web

Tips from personal finance bloggers about setting financial priorities and achieving goals.

My kids are really good at making excuses. Nothing ever is their fault. Just this morning, for example, my 7-year-old daughter's smoothie spilled, and she said it was the syrup bottle's fault. After hearing that lame excuse, it's probably no surprise that Len Penzo's post on his blog Len Penzo dot Com about financial excuses appealed to me today. He writes, "The next time you find yourself in a bit of financial difficulty, resist the temptation to make an excuse and instead focus your attention inward." For more of his advice, see How Misplaced Financial Priorities Lead to Lame Excuses. And check out more financial lessons below from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers.

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Motivation and Money [Get Rich Slowly]
"Here are some methods for staying the course when your goals will take months or years (heck, even decades) to achieve."

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The Most Crucial Money Lesson, in Three Words: Mind the Gap [Afford Anything]
"In between 'what you earn' and 'what you spend,' there is a gap. Your job is to make this gap as wide as possible. Mind the gap."

5 Financial Lessons Everyone Should Learn in Their 30s (Did You?) [Wise Bread]
"Take a broad view of these financial lessons and see how they best suit your own lifestyle designs."

The Pursuit of More Money Trap [20Somethingfinance]
"The quest for more can become a never-ending cycle. And for many, it becomes the driving motivator behind everything they do."