Your Tough Money Problems Solved

Financial Planning

Your Tough Money Problems Solved

Borrow from your 401(k)? Buy a second home? Pension vs. lump sum? We answer your vexing questions.

This year, as our Christmas present to you, we provide answers to 19 of your most vexing financial questions -- among them how to ratchet down investment risk, cut a tax bill in retirement, qualify for a mortgage if you're self-employed, get health insurance if you're sick, find free money for college bills and more.

Debt Problems Solved
Whether to save or pay off debt, and how to make sure your Social Security number doesn't get in the wrong hands.

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Investing Problems Solved
We answer your questions on how to reduce risk, find extra money to set aside, and more.

Real-Estate Problems Solved
Advice on buying a second home, qualifying for a mortgage and paying off your mortgage early.

Retirement Problems Solved
We tell you wehther to take a pension or lump sum, what to do if your 401(k) choices are lousy and more.

Insurance Problems Solved
What to do if your drug is no longer covered, you're sick and need insurance, and your teen driver needs a policy.

College Saving Problems Solved
Whether to save for college or retirement, and how to get a scholarship.

Tax Problems Solved
Here's how to cut your tax bill in retirement and lower your property taxes.

SEE OUR COVERCAST to find out how we chose the questions we feature in the December issue.