Great Personal Finance Advice From Around the Web

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Great Personal Finance Advice From Around the Web

Here's a look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers about managing your money.

Occasionally, I'll see that readers have posted comments that the advice in my column is obvious -- something that everyone should know. That might be true. But as Trent Hamm writes in Isn’t Personal Finance Advice Obvious? on his blog The Simple Dollar, "the core idea might be obvious to some, but not everyone. Actually doing it? That's much harder than it sounds -- and every little nudge that gets someone moving a bit more in the right direction is a big help."

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I couldn't agree more. Personal finance advice might seem like common knowledge to those who were raised in a family that taught them how to make smart money decisions or who have made the effort to teach themselves money-management skills. But plenty of people have never received these lessons. And even those who have sometimes need help implementing what they've learned, as Hamm points out. So read on for more great personal finance advice from a few of our favorite bloggers.

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"We all know the basic indicator of too much credit card debt. However, recognizing these additional signs could amount to financial life saving."

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"There are some things you can do to essentially force yourself to save and increase your cash flow."


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"These hostage-takers take control of your money, leaving you with little or no wiggle room to make your money work for you."

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"Bloggers were invited to share their best personal finance tip using a 6 second Vine video."

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"If you feel like one of these five things is holding you back from financial freedom, then maybe it’s time to make a change."

Why Personal Finance Is So Taboo (& How We Can Change That) [20Somethingfinance]
"The unfortunate downside of this is that we all hold it in when we really want to talk about it. And then we miss out on phenomenal opportunities to learn from one another."