Do You Have the Time to Save Money?

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Do You Have the Time to Save Money?

The trouble with money-saving tips is that they aren't necessarily time-saving, too. How long will it take to collect quotes for insurance bundles and make a switch if your current insurer won't match the deal? What about the time to set up with an online budgeting site so that it tracks and analyzes ALL your accounts for ways to cut spending?

One personal finance blogger at MoneyNing describes the realities of frugal living as he reviews one week's worth of frugality.

Are there short cuts and tips to get it done faster?

Kiplinger's editors have tackled the matter in the past with our Essential Money Toolkit that puts financial forms and how-to outlines at your fingertips. More recently, our June issue includes a Simplify Your Life package that offers advice and profiles how other readers are slowing down their lives to focus on the quality of time.

What are your tips for managing time and money?

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