Great Budgeting Advice From Around the Web

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Great Budgeting Advice From Around the Web

Tips from personal finance bloggers about spending less so you can save more.

One of the top financial resolutions is creating a budget, as I recently wrote. However, most of us have trouble sticking to our resolutions. But budgeting is one resolution you should put extra effort to commit to because it is the cornerstone of good money management. Without a budget, you'll likely have a hard time reducing your spending, paying off debt and saving more. So to help you, I've rounded up budgeting advice from several personal finance bloggers.

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The 25% Rule to Budgeting [Mint Life]
"Start by dividing your before-tax income into four equal parts and grouping the daunting list of expenses your paycheck needs to cover into four categories: taxes, housing (rent and/or mortgage), debts (excluding mortgage payments) and living expenses."

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How to Closely Examine Your Budget [ReadyForZero]
"Once I learned how to closely examine my spending, I discovered that I could cut the things I don’t enjoy from my life, and prioritize my spending so that I can do the things I want."

5 Small Things That Are Killing Your Budget []
"It’s often the small daily expenses that add up to a lifetime of financial frustration."


4 Personal Answers to Common Budgeting Questions [Christian Personal Finance]
"Over the last several years, I’ve been researching various budgeting methods, talking with financial professionals about the topic, reviewing budgeting articles as a part of my work, and using trial and error to weed out the good tactics from the bad."

The Idea of Cash Flow [The Simple Dollar]
"Every monthly bill you can reduce or eliminate will improve your family’s cash flow."