Better CD Rates for Repeat Customers


Better CD Rates for Repeat Customers

The more accounts you have at a bank, the better interest rates you may get.

When it’s time to roll over a certificate of deposit, fishing for a higher interest rate is always smart. But before you yank savings out of your current bank, see whether it will offer you a higher rate for being a repeat customer. For instance, Ally Bank recently offered an interest-rate bonus to a customer who renewed a $15,000 six-month CD for 11 months.

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Some banks offer higher CD rates to customers who maintain multiple accounts. Connexus Credit Union ($5 to join the Connexus Association and $5 to open a savings account) offers members a 1% rate for six months on balances of $10,000 or more (0.5% on balances below $10,000). To earn that rate, you must have a checking account with direct deposit, make ten monthly withdrawals and sign up for e-statements. Digital Federal Credit Union ($10 minimum to become a member of an affiliated service organization) offers an extra 0.25 percentage point on CDs if you have a checking account with direct deposit and have an active loan or credit card account. With a minimum $25,000 deposit, Digital’s 27-month Jumbo Jump-Up Certificate with Relationship Checking pays 1.23%.

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Keep an eye out for CDs with promotional terms and rates, too. State Farm Bank recently offered a nine-month CD that paid 0.8% with a $500 minimum -- a higher rate than it was offering on its standard CDs with maturities of three years or less. NerdWallet compiles a weekly index of bonus rates on CDs. For more on earning top rates on CDs and other safe places to park cash, see Where to Stash Your Cash Now.

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