How to Check Your Social Security Statement Online

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How to Check Your Social Security Statement Online

The government no longer is mailing paper statements to most workers.

We used to receive our Social Security statements by mail once a year. I understand the government stopped sending paper statements. How can we check for possible errors?

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The Social Security Administration did discontinue mailing paper statements in 2011, but reversed course in February and resumed mailing statements to workers age 60 and older who are not already receiving Social Security benefits. It will also mail a statement to workers at age 25.

Everyone else can check their Social Security statements online. Go to Social Security’s MyStatement and create a “My Social Security” account. For security, you’ll need to provide information about yourself that matches the information on file with Social Security, as well as some information that matches your Experian credit report. It’s a good idea to check statements for errors once a year.

In addition to showing your earnings record, the statement shows your estimated Social Security payments at your full retirement age (66 to 67, depending on your age), at age 70 and at age 62. (The estimates are based on your average earnings to date and assume you will earn the same annual income from now until retirement.) The statement also shows the amount of survivor’s benefits your child and spouse may receive.

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