7 States That Are Better Than Florida for Retirement

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7 States That Are Better Than Florida for Retirement

Because we all can't retire to the Sunshine State.

The Sunshine State is a great place to retire, but hurricanes and humidity aren’t for everyone.

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In our 2016 analysis of the best states for retirement, we ranked seven higher than Florida. (Ranking factors included taxes, cost of living and health care.)

Coming in seventh is Washington. Spokane is a good choice for nature-loving retirees.

Next up is South Carolina. Hilton Head is popular, but Myrtle Beach is more affordable for retirement.

At number 5, Alabama offers many of the benefits of Florida – warm weather, beaches and golf – all at a lower price. Try Decatur.


Tennessee ranks fourth. Check out Chattanooga for its thriving arts and music scene.

Georgia takes the third spot. If being near a big city is part of your retirement plan, Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, is a nice option.

In second place is Utah. Active retirees will like St. George and its easy access to popular parks and monuments.

Top of the list: South Dakota. Living costs are low, as are taxes on retirees. Take a look at Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

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