The Lowdown on Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Insurance

The Lowdown on Long-Term Care

Don\'t expect life, health or disability insurance -- or even government programs -- to cover nursing-home or assisted-living costs. Buying long-term-care insurance is your best bet.

How would you pay for long-term care if you needed it? When baby boomers were asked this in a study commissioned by CareQuest, which helps employers set up long-term care packages, only 5% said they would rely on long-term-care insurance. Most said they expected life, health or disability insurance or government programs to cover the costs.

If that's what you're counting on, think again:

  • Almost half the population will need long-term care at some point.

  • The average length of stay in a nursing home is 2.5 years.

  • The average annual cost for a private room at a nursing home is $74,095, according to MetLife Mature Market Institute.

  • The average hourly cost of a health aide who gives in-home care is $19. It's double that for a licensed nurse. If you needed round-the-clock care from a nurse, you would have to pay more than $300,000 a year.

  • You can't get long-term care insurance once you have a problem that requires long-term care.

Long-term care usually involves nonmedical help with such daily tasks as bathing and dressing. Health, life and disability insurance won't pay for that, nor will medicare. But long-term-care insurance will.

People who don't have coverage have to pay out-of-pocket until they run out of money and become eligible for medicaid. However, a new law tightens the purse strings of the program that helps families pay for nursing-home care. And that makes owning long-term-care insurance even more of a necessity.

The stories below will show you why you need this insurance, what to look for in a policy and how to find affordable coverage. Plus, you can share your ideas on paying for long-term care.


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