Do You Know Where These Financial Documents Are?

Estate Planning

Do You Know Where These Financial Documents Are?

Adult children should know where their parents keep these documents.

As you begin to review your parents' financial situation, here's a list of key documents to review and keep in a central location:

1. Bank and brokerage statements and stock and bond certificates

2. Deeds to the house and any other property

3. Insurance policies

4. Information on retirement accounts: IRAs, 401(k), ...

5. Information on Social Security and pension benefits from current or past employers

6. Durable power of attorney, naming an agent to handle legal affairs if necessary

7. Advance medical directives, including a durable power of attorney for health care and a living will

8. A list of key contacts, including your parents' physicians, lawyer, and estate planner or financial adviser (see Kiplinger's Your Family Records Organizer CD-ROM.)