The Right Way to Have a Yard Sale

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The Right Way to Have a Yard Sale

I'm having a yard sale this weekend to unload some clutter and generate some extra cash. But, I have to admit, I'm a yard-sale novice. Luckily, the June issue of Kiplinger's Retirement Report has a story, "Make the Most of a Garage Sale," with great tips for people like me. So if you're planning on having your own yard or garage sale, follow this advice:

1. Sell collectibles online -- they'll fetch a higher price there than in a yard sale.
2. Do some research to set prices -- this is especially true if you're selling old or unusual items. Search Google, eBay, Craigslist or consignment stores for similar items to determine market value. Check out other yard sales the weekend before yours to see how items are priced.
3. Set prices slightly higher than what you expect to get and be prepared to negotiate.
4. Focus on presentation. Keep items accessible so people don't have to rummage through boxes and create interesting displays.
5. Watch out for thieves -- and pros. Enlist someone to be your security guard to watch shoppers while you negotiate prices and collect money. Look over items as people buy them to ensure that they haven't concealed anything inside them. And beware of antique dealers who will try to lowball you and resell your items at a higher price.

For a truly comprehensive guide -- from when to have a sale to how to prepare and how to price and present items -- see TipNut's Garage Sale Tips for Success.

If you don't have any junk to unload but could use a little more moolah, see 11 Ways to Get Extra Cash.

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