29 Ways to Conserve & Save

Saving Money

29 Ways to Conserve & Save

Quick, cheap and easy ways to cut your electricity and water use while also cutting your expenses.

Still stalling on going green? Procrastinate no longer. We give you 29 ideas for saving energy and water around your home that involve little or no installation and barely a bump in your routine. Individually, they cost less than $100. Collectively, they can save hundreds of dollars a year in household energy bills, thousands of gallons of water and thousands of pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions. You have every reason to follow these tips and not a single reason to ignore them.

Get cracking, folks.

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How we calculated the savings

Many of these calculations rely on figures provided by Jeffrey Langholz and Kelly Turner in You Can Prevent Global Warming (and Save Money!) (Andrew McMeel, $11), updated to reflect an average electricity price per kilowatt-hour of 10.6 cents, the recent national residential average. Because unheated water costs less than a cent per gallon, we focus on conservation over cost.