Can’t Sell Your Home? Try These Fixes

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Can’t Sell Your Home? Try These Fixes

Make these moves now to attract buyers while the home buyer tax credit still is available.

I recently wrote that you can get more time to claim the home buyer tax credit if you’re in the process of buying a house now. The credit has lured buyers into the market, but it won’t be available to anyone who signs a contract on a home after April 30.

See Prepping Your Home for a Sale for tips on how to stage your house to get a quicker sale while the credit still is available and an added incentive for potential buyers.

If your home has been on the market for 30 to 45 days and has attracted little interest, try these fixes described in the April 2010 issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance:

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Drop the price a lot. Did you ignore your agent’s advice and price your home above the top of the range originally recommended? Eat a bite of humble pie.


… or a little. A small price drop -- say, 2.5% rather than 5% -- on a great house that’s priced right may get you to the magic number that makes yours the hottest property around.

Relist your home. Pulling and reposting your listing may catch the attention of new buyers. You can’t disguise how long your home has been on the market in the short term; however, depending on the rules of the local MLS, you can go off the market for, say, 90 days, and your home’s “total days on the market” count will go back to zero.