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Over the past ten years I've bought three houses -- as homes for my family, not as properties to spruce up and flip for a profit. We only lived in the first home for two years because it only had a few things that we really wanted in a house. We lived in our second house for six years. It was more than 100 years old with lots of character and was close to my husband's work, my kids' school, restaurants, shops, a ballpark and more. But after our family grew from two kids to three, we needed more bedrooms and more space outdoors than our tiny downtown lot offered for our children to play. So we moved -- again.

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We bought our current house just a few months ago. This one has everything we need and want. Third time's a charm, right? If you're thinking about buying your first -- or second or third -- home, here's some advice I gathered from around the Web to help you.

Should You Buy a ‘Starter Home’ or Wait? [Money Under 30]
"Instead of having the all or nothing mentality, you may be able to find something that suits your needs for the foreseeable future until you can afford that forever home."


What to Look For When Buying a House [PT Money]
"By taking the time to really determine if a home will be a good fit now and in the future, you’ll protect yourself from the lure of shiny improvements that won’t improve your life one bit."

C.L.U.E. Report – Why Home Buyers & Sellers Should Get One [Money Crashers]
"A C.L.U.E. report provides a history of insurance claims on a particular property or on the insured individual."

What I Learned From Buying a Short Sale Home [Credit.com]
"In reality, short sales can be anything but short: They can take anywhere from one month to several years to wrap up, and these deals fall apart entirely in many cases."

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