Finding a Real Estate Agent Online

Buying & Selling a Home

Finding a Real Estate Agent Online

You want an agent who is full-time, experienced, energetic and congenial. Prescreen agents by checking their listings online.

THE INTERNET is where most buyers begin shopping. At a minimum, your agent should have a presence on, on his or her broker's Web site and on the Web site of the local association of Realtors or multiple listing service. Agents may also have their own Web site and post listings on and

PHOTOS lure buyers to online listings like a siren song. The more, the better -- as long as they're crisp, clear and taken from a good angle. Watch out for slide shows that begin with an unattractive fa├žade instead of a beautiful kitchen or pool. No one wants to see the photographer in a mirror, messes on countertops or dirty laundry anywhere. Panoramic photos may suffer from an unpleasant fishbowl effect.

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REMARKS on the listing should paint a beautiful picture, emphasizing a home's most positive features without misrepresenting it.