Spring Guide to Real Estate

Buying & Selling a Home

Spring Guide to Real Estate

We offer tips to help both buyers and sellers get a good deal.

Home sales and median home prices are falling in much of the country. For buyers, that means you can start using strategies -- such as contingencies on the sale of a home -- that weren't even an option when the market was overheated. You might even find yourself offering a bid for less than the asking price.

For sellers, it means you have to get smart -- and realistic. You have to price your house realistically or offer concessions, and you have to make sure your home makes a great first impression, perhaps by hiring a professional home stager.

The stories below will help you make the most of this market, whether you're a seller or a buyer.

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The Buyer's Advantage
In most markets, buyers are calling the shots. Sellers have to be smarter.


Hire Your Own Agent
When buying a home, make sure your interests are represented -- and not those of the sellers -- buy hiring an exclusive buyer agent.

No Time to Go It Alone
A good relationship with a good agent is essential to selling your home in this market. Here's how to find the right agent for you.

Top Web Sites for Buyers and Sellers
Here's how to buy and sell a house online.

The Benefits of Home Staging
Hiring someone to prepare your home so it makes a good impression on buyers can pay off.

Stage It to Sell
See before-and-after pictures of nine homes that were professionally staged to make them more appealing to buyers.

What Does $1 Million Buy You Now?
See our slide show of homes across the country.