Seller's Checklist: Add Some Curb Appeal

Buying & Selling a Home

Seller's Checklist: Add Some Curb Appeal

Use this checklist to help inspect your house from roof to foundation.

If a potential buyer drives up to your home and is immediately greeted by an unkempt lawn and shrubbery, a shabby old mailbox and shutters that are long overdue for a repainting, they probably won't give a second thought to buying it. That's why it's important to ramp up your home's curb appeal in advance of putting it on the market.

Use our checklist to take an inventory of your home's exterior and pinpoint areas for needed improvement:

Roof and gutters

Repair or replace loose, damaged or blistered shingles.

Clean gutters and downspout strainers.

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Check gutters for leaks and proper alignment.

Inspect flashings around roof stacks, vents, skylights and chimneys.

Clear obstructions from vents, louvers and chimneys.

Check fascias and soffits for decay and peeling paint.

Inspect chimney for any loose or missing mortar.

Exterior walls and doors

Renail loose siding and check for warping or decay.

Paint siding if necessary.

Check masonry walls for cracks or any other damage.

Replace loose or missing caulking.

Apply fresh coat of paint to front door.


Repair concrete or blacktop if necessary.


Lubricate hinges and other hardware on your garage door.

Inspect doors and windows for any peeling paint.

Check condition of glazing around all windows.

Test electrical outlets.


Check walls, steps, retaining walls, walkways and patios for cracks, heaving or crumbling.


Mow and edge lawn, reseed or sod if necessary.

Trim hedges, prune trees and shrubs.

Weed and mulch flowerbeds.