Switching Money-Management Software


Switching Money-Management Software

Users of the discontinued Microsoft Money will find it easy to swap to Quicken.

I have used Microsoft Money for many years. It has helped me keep track of financial information and even provided data for tax preparation. Because its online support will be discontinued, what software do you recommend that I use instead?

Microsoft stopped selling Microsoft Money in June and will gradually discontinue online services through January 31, 2011. But Intuit, the maker of Quicken, is making it easy for former Money users to migrate to its software. Quicken 2010 includes a converter to transfer your data from Microsoft Money. And if you have Quicken 2009, you can get the converter through a patch update.

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Not only can almost all of your financial information be converted from Microsoft Money to Quicken, the data will also import easily into Intuit’s TurboTax. As a bonus, Intuit recently announced that it would be acquiring Mint.com, which is one of our favorite budgeting sites, and is expected to incorporate its popular features into Quicken.

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