Fund Drama

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Fund Drama

Akre jumps ship, his analysts join FBR

Chuck Akre is leaving FBR Focus (symbol FBRVX) to start his own fund, to be called Akre Focus. Akre departs on a high note as FBR Focus's one-year return moves into the black, a rare development for stock funds recently. From the fund's inception in December 1996 through July 31, it returned an annualized 12.5%, about four percentage points per year better than Standard & Poor's Midcap 400-stock index.

FBR, which had hired Akre's firm to manage Focus, responded to Akre's move by hiring away three of his analysts -- Brian Macauley, David Rainey and Ira Rothberg -- and naming them co-managers of FBR Focus. Separately, Vanguard announced at press time that it had closed Primecap Core to new investors.

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