Keen on Green?

Mutual Funds

Keen on Green?

Here are useful ways to improve your prosperity and the environment -- with your investments, at work and at home.

If the environment is playing a more prominent role in your financial decision-making, you're not alone. Investors, consumers and businesses are increasing thinking green -- from searching for eco-conscious mutual funds to improving the energy efficiency of their homes and offices. Climate change is affecting the way many companies do business. As certain industries strive to cut back on greenhouse gasses, others are hoping to reap big profits from new trends, such as alternative energy.

Thinking green is nothing new to Kiplinger. We're always looking for ways to help you prosper while doing good for the environment. Below, find some of our best advice for your investments, your business and your life.


Green mutual funds invest in companies that the managers deem to be environmentally friendly. Because each fund uses its own criteria, the stocks they invest in cover a wide range. The three funds profiled below each have a different strategy.


Focusing on Up-and-Comers
It's a risky fund, but Winslow Green Growth has a fine record and a veteran manager who does a good job of picking small, fast-growing companies.

A World of Green
Green goes global in Portfolio 21 fund, which invests nearly two-thirds of assets in overseas companies it deems environmentally friendly.

What Does It Mean to Be Green?
Spectra Green takes a broader view of environmentally friendly investing.



Winners in Global Warming
Many businesses will profit from the drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Find out the biggest potential winners, from alternative-energy companies to less-visible firms that help others increase their energy efficiency. Plus, see our slide show, Global Warming: Spotting the Winners.

10 Tips to Save Energy at the Office
From the simple to the simply overlooked, here are money savers that go beyond installing compact fluorescent bulbs and switching off computers and other energy-hungry equipment.

How Global Warming Is Changing Your Insurance
Insurers will rise to the challenge of climate change just as they did with earthquakes. Some are already cutting rates if clients take certain precautions.

Green Building: Virtue and Business Sense Converge
Green building is no longer a cause, but a profitable and vital part of the commercial real estate and construction industries.



Your Energy Crisis Solved
There are plenty of ways to trim your energy usage -- and costs -- at home. We point you to resources that will help you identify energy drains and improve efficiency.

What's New With Hybrids
Carmakers are responding to consumers who want more environmentally friendly vehicles. Read about the latest offerings and view our slide show of new models.

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