How Well Do You Know Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds

How Well Do You Know Mutual Funds?

Take our quiz to see how well you understand these investments, then learn the basics and build a top-notch portfolio.

Mutual funds are good way to get instant diversification in your portfolio. If you have a retirement or college-savings account, you probably are invested in a few. But how well do you really know mutual funds?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge -- and, no, you don't have to be a fund manager to ace it. Then read the stories below to brush up on the basics, build a top-notch portfolio and see our picks for the best funds.

QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Mutual Funds
See how well you really understand these investments, which can be an intergral part of your portfolio.

Growing a Fund Portfolio
Learn how funds work and how to set up a well balanced portfolio that's right for you.


Build Your Perfect Portfolio
With the proper mix, your combined investments will be less risky and tailored to meet your goals.

The 25 Best Funds
Where to turn for guidance in today's unpredictable markets? Start with our list of the top stock and bond funds.

Fund Watch
Each week our experts help you understand important mutual fund news and trends. Get valuable insights for making wise decisions.