The Wedding Day: Get It Insured

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The Wedding Day: Get It Insured

It's rare for any big day to launch without a hitch and weddings are no exception. The DJ may forget the music; the wrong cake  figurines are ordered. While these snafus are rather harmless, what if a vendor goes out of business with your cash in hand but no delivery or service.

A wedding insurance policy protects you against financial loss should these mishaps occur.

The BBB reports higher incidence of vendor-related insurance claims last year as more small businesses folded under the credit crunch.

Policy options also cover cancelation costs due to weather, health issues and military deployment. You may be hard-pressed to find a policy that covers a no-show from either the bride or groom, but try Fireman's Fund for this option.

How to choose options? The Knot advises to ask about your vendors' policies which may provide some coverage on your behalf. This way you're not paying for double coverage.

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