Deal With Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Hikes

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How to Deal With Long-Term-Care Insurance Rate Hikes

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Most major long-term-care insurers have raised rates for policy­holders in the past few years -- some­times by as much as 90% -- primarily for policies sold more than five years ago. Genworth is asking state regulators for permission to raise rates for some policies sold from 2001 to 2012.

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Keep the policy, if at all possible. If you drop it, you’ll lose the coverage you’ve paid for all the years you’ve had the policy. If you can’t afford the higher premiums, you have a couple of options:

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Shorten the benefit period to three or five years. Most people don’t need benefits for more than three years.

Reduce the inflation protection from 5% to about 3%. But calculate how much that will affect your total pool of benefits by the time you’re likely to need care, and make sure you aren’t giving up benefits you’ve already accumulated.