What Happens if a Satellite Hits Your House?

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What Happens if a Satellite Hits Your House?

Find out whether insurance covers damage caused by falling debris.

Another piece of space junk is expected to fall to earth October 22 or 23. Less than a month after a defunct NASA satellite fell into the Pacific Ocean, the German ROSAT satellite should enter our atmosphere this weekend and break into pieces traveling as fast as 280 miles per hour, according to Space.com.

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Although the chances are pretty slim that a piece might hit someone (about one in 2,000), you might be wondering whether your insurer will cover the damage if a chunk of space junk hits your house or car. (Okay, you're probably more worried about what would happen if a 280-mph projectile hit you. But I'm sure you're concerned about insurance coverage, too.)

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Well, you can relax. Damage caused by falling objects usually is covered under standard life, auto and homeowners insurance policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute.


Homeowners policies cover damage to the home and to belongings inside it. The optional comprehensive portion of an auto policy covers damage to a car, and the liability portion of a policy would kick in if a falling satellite (or any debris) caused an accident. And a life insurance policy would pay beneficiaries if the policyholder were struck and killed by space junk.

That puts your mind at ease, doesn't it?

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