Put Teen Drivers on Your Policy


Put Teen Drivers on Your Policy

Usually you'll pay a lot more if you buy your children their own auto insurance.

Should I put my teenagers on my car insurance or get them their own policies?

Put them on your own car insurance. The base rate usually starts out lower, and your multi-policy and multi-car discount can cut rates by another 15%.

Meanwhile, boost the liability limits on your auto policy and consider an umbrella policy that can raise your entire family's auto and homeowners insurance limits by $1 million. An umbrella policy tends to cost just about $200 per year, says Jamahl Johnson, of Johnson Family Insurance in Washington, D.C., which is about the same as the savings you'll get from the multi-policy and safety-course discounts.

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You also can earn discounts if your child has good grades or takes a driver's safety course.

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