Smart Shopper's Guide to Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Smart Shopper's Guide to Auto Insurance

Learn how to assemble a solid auto policy and how to get a good deal.


Accidents happen. In cars, they happen nearly 100,000 times a day, and insurance can be the only thing standing between you and financial catastrophe.

Here are explanations of the major parts of a typical policy, starting with perhaps the most important component, liability coverage. The goal is to help you find your way through the thick language of an insurance policy.

We also offer suggestions for getting the best possible deal on your coverage.

How to Get a Good Deal
Premiums can never be too cheap. Here are some ways to lower your car insurance bill, and keep it down.

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Liability Coverage
Liability coverage protects you if you bang up someone else or their property.

No-Fault Coverage
When it's unclear who's to blame, no-fault coverage can eliminate delays and legal costs.

Collision Coverage
In many cases, collision coverage is optional, but there are many good reasons to include it in your policy.

Medical-Payments Coverage
Don't duplicate coverage you may already have.

Protect Yourself from Uninsured Drivers
Cover yourself and your passengers in case other drivers disobey state insurance laws.

Comprehensive Coverage
Don't forget about theft, fire and forces of nature.