Quick Fixes for Your Financial Tasks

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Quick Fixes for Your Financial Tasks

You can tackle plenty of money matters in just a few minutes. Here's how.

It's National Magic Week. Wouldn't it be great if you could just say "Abracadabra" and all of your financial problems could be fixed? Even if you're not dealing with debt, a job loss or some other hardship, you probably have a few nagging money tasks that you wish could be completed just by waving a magic wand.

Unfortunately, I don't have a secret spell to share. But Kiplinger's does have recipes for quick and easy financial fixes that work like magic when it comes to getting your money matters in order.

Perhaps you have an error in your credit report that you've been meaning to fix. We can tell you how to file a complaint. Or maybe you've been meaning to reshop your insurance policies to get better rates. We'll show you how.

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In our interactive tool, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Editor Janet Bodnar guides you through 38 ways to fix your finances in 15 minutes or less. Or you can read the text version of our tips. (Note: You'll see some references to 2009 because the tool was produced in 2010, but the advice still is relevant.)

For more customized advice to help you with tough financial issues, see our Do This or That? package of answers to 20 common questions on a variety of money-related topics.

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