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Great Advice From Around the Web

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

Kiplinger's often provides our readers with tips on how to save money by eliminating expenses you don't need and by cutting back in other areas. But G.E. Miller at 20Somethingfinance takes it a step further by suggesting a way to dramatically reduce most people's biggest expense: homeownership. He writes about the benefits of downsizing to a tiny home. Tiny, as in a couple hundred square feet or less.

The cost savings and other benefits he touts are compelling, but I'm not sure my family of four could handle such close quarters. I'm curious what you think about this idea (share your comments below).

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On the flip side, David Ning at WiseBread examines what people can do when they can afford to better their lives (I'm Doing Well Financially. Now What?). You don't have to be rolling in the dough to benefit from his suggestions for improving the quality of life and, in some cases, generating more wealth.

Here are more personal finance tips and insights from across the Web:


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New York and Texas remain the most expensive states for mortgage closing costs, according to's annual mortgage fee survey.

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