Best Money Sites for Your Kids

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Best Money Sites for Your Kids

As Financial Literacy Month wraps, there's one important factor we can't overlook: How to financially educate your kids. (In fact, that's the reason the Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy started Financial Literacy Month to begin with.)

Our friends at the Sacramento Bee put together a list of financial Web pages for kids. Included in the list is our own Money Smart Kids section, initiated by Kiplinger editor Janet Bodnar, a longtime advocate of children's financial literacy. There you can find her advice columns, quizzes for yourself and your kids, videos and a special guide that covers the key money lessons your kids should master according to age.

Plus see these other sites:

Family Education Network


Amercain Banker's Association's Teach Kids to Save

And we can't leave out: JumpStart Coalition, which works with government and schools to develop best practices for teaching financial literacy. As a parent or grandparent, you can download free materials from their Clearinghouse, such as stories and lessons, to work with your little ones.

To see book recommendations from the Sacramento Bee go here.

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