Are You Protecting Your Identity?


Are You Protecting Your Identity?

Take our quiz to find out whether your personal information is safe, then learn how to keep ID thieves at bay.

Think identity theft won't happen to you? Think again. Everyday you could be putting your personal information at risk of falling into the wrong hands if you're not taking the right precautions.

Although you unfortunately cannot eliminate your risk entirely, you can minimize the odds of having your good name -- and credit -- stolen. Start by TAKING OUR QUIZ to see how much you know about protecting your identity. Then read the stories below for advice on safeguarding your personal information and what to do in case you become a victim of ID theft.

QUIZ: Is Your Identity at Risk?
Take our quiz to find out if you are protecting your ID -- or playing fast and loose with it.

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Your ID-Theft Prevention Kit
The bad guys are more clever than ever. But you can still keep them at bay.


My Wallet Was Stolen. Now What?
Follow these steps to make sure fraudulent accounts aren't opened in your name.

Take Steps to Guard Against Identity Theft
Protect your financial, medical and other personal information from scamsters.

Guard Against ID Theft While Deployed
If you're on military active duty, take these steps to make sure your personal information doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Fraud Alert Vs. Credit Freeze
A fraud alert can help protect your credit report, but a credit freeze is more foolproof.


Paying for ID Theft Protection Is Not Necessary
ID-theft insurance and credit monitoring services may seem like great safeguards. Find out why some experts disagree.

VIDEO: Debit Card Fraud
Crooks use special devices to steal your number when you swipe your card. Here's how to protect yourself.