How Real People Eliminated Really Big Debts

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How Real People Eliminated Really Big Debts

Inspiring stories from around the Web that can help you regain control of your finances.

I find the stories featured on personal finance blogs about real people who've paid off massive amounts of debt to be inspiring. Some measures people take are extreme, but most show that it is possible to wipe out whatever amount that you owe. I've gathered a few recent posts about people who've tackled their debt along with some tips on taking control of your finances.

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How an Ordinary Midwestern Couple Paid Off $46,000 in Debt [Afford Anything]
"Getting to my breaking point made me humble myself and realize that there was some stuff I didn’t know. From there I set out to learn. I read every book, magazine, and website I could find about money management, and over the course of a couple years I developed much better money management habits."

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How 3 Pro Athletes Overcame Extreme Debt [ReadyForZero]
"Few of us will ever make millions in our lifetime, much less with the signing of one job offer. However, there are parallels to be found, both in the mistakes and the lessons learned."

Living in a Car to Pay Off Debt [Get Rich Slowly]
"It took two months to save up $1,000 for an emergency fund and to pay off my seven smallest debts. The third month, I brought current a credit card that was three months behind. Life felt so much more manageable."


6 Tips to Stop Being Ashamed of Your Debt and Take Control [Money Crashers]
"Once you surmount your debt shame, you’ll be mobilized to pay off debt and make better financial decisions in the future."

10 Key Characteristics of Debt-Free People [Len Penzo dot Com]
"There is no single trait that determines who will successfully manage their personal finances and those who won’t. People of modest means who know how to properly manage their finances have some combination of multiple characteristics."