Six Moves for Stellar Credit

Credit Reports & Scores

Six Moves for Stellar Credit

The second installment of our four-part financial toolkit provides the resources you need to swiftly manage your credit.

A healthy financial life depends on having good credit. So why put off managing it, when the path is so . . . simple.

Your Credit Toolkit

Get Your Credit Report in a Flash

It's easy to track your credit history, when a free report is one click away.

Fix an Error on Your Credit Report

Don't be surprised if you spot an error on your credit report, especially if you do not review it annually. The three credit bureaus must correct legitimate errors, here's the process.

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Get Your Three Credit Scores

A credit report can only provide an account of current and past credit use; to find out how this behavior defines you as a borrower, you need to order your credit score.


Lower Your Credit Card Rate

Borrowers with good credit should pay lower interest rates. The key is to ask.

Decipher Your Credit Card Statement

There's more to a credit card statement than the due date. Find out what you need to know.

Pay Your Bills Online

Paying bills online trims the paper chaos, saves time and helps prevent late payments. That adds up to excellent credit.