Credit-Card Purchases That Send up a Red Flag

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Credit-Card Purchases That Send up a Red Flag

Witih credit-card issuers reeling from losses, they're finding ways to squeeze more out of borrowers -- in particular by charging more to risky borrowers. Trouble is, everyone is a risky borrower now, as Kiplinger's reported in The New Rules of Credit Cards. A study by Fair Isaac, which devised the FICO credit score, found that more than 20 million people lost access to some of their credit last year through no fault of their own.

With this in mind, you want to be extra careful how you use your charge cards these days so you don't give your issuer an excuse to hike your rate or cut off your credit.  Marketplace, an American Public Media program, has compiled a list of ten purchases you shouldn't put on your credit card because they might brand you as  "risky." They range from the obvious, such as a big bar tab, to the not-so-obvious, such as retreading your tires. Read the full list.

Also, take our quiz to see how well you understand what factors affect your credit score and how this number can affect your finances.

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